Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I was told today that the company has spent £341,000 on repairs to block paving, and £180,000 on re-painting the quay (Give way markings, hatched areas etc.)
Lets hope the company can increase the spending and we can get the rest of the quay done. It certainly would make our jobs a lot more comfortable.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Port workers’ deaths prompt unions’ call for safety.

Container Cargo Safety

In May 2007, dockers and truckers joined forces at an ITF meeting on container cargo safety held in Oakland (US) to establish an agenda for action following numerous reports of accidents involving unsafe container cargo.
Discussion at the meeting led to a decision to:
share information on the issue;
lobby international organisations for a cross-sectoral safety regulation;
carry out awareness raising programmes during the ITF International Road Transport Action Week in October 2007.
The ITF Road Transport Workers' Section and ITF Dockers' Section are coordinating their activites on this issue.

Article taken from International Transport Workers' Federation.

Workplace reps...

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It would be good if any of you reading this could drop me a line so I have your email addresses so I can pass on anything relevant.


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What are you worth?

All info taken from Worksmart .

Last registered accounts: 12/31/2005*
Annual turnover: £193,006,000.00
Annual profit: £30,132,000.00
Turnover per employee: £68,031.72
Profit per employee: £10,621.08

Number of staff: 2,837
Total spent on wages: £88,097,000.00
Average staff pay: £31,052.87 *
Average pay increase over last 3 years: 11.31%*

Number of directors: 36
Directors' remuneration: £302,000.00
Increase over last 7 years: -41.02%
Highest paid director's salary: £200,000.00 **
Increase over last 7 years: 29.03%

* This is intended as a very rough guide only, and different factors can affect this considerably. For example, if the company has a lot of part time workers, the average pay per employee as listed here will be lower, even though average full time rates may actually be much higher.
** Including accrued pension and lump sum, if applicable.