Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What are you worth?

All info taken from Worksmart .

Last registered accounts: 12/31/2005*
Annual turnover: £193,006,000.00
Annual profit: £30,132,000.00
Turnover per employee: £68,031.72
Profit per employee: £10,621.08

Number of staff: 2,837
Total spent on wages: £88,097,000.00
Average staff pay: £31,052.87 *
Average pay increase over last 3 years: 11.31%*

Number of directors: 36
Directors' remuneration: £302,000.00
Increase over last 7 years: -41.02%
Highest paid director's salary: £200,000.00 **
Increase over last 7 years: 29.03%

* This is intended as a very rough guide only, and different factors can affect this considerably. For example, if the company has a lot of part time workers, the average pay per employee as listed here will be lower, even though average full time rates may actually be much higher.
** Including accrued pension and lump sum, if applicable.

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