Friday, 16 January 2009

Research by Unite into redundancies and job losses in companies and sectors covered by the union.

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The Research Department has created a national database to track current
and prospective closures and job losses across the sectors and regions
covered by Unite. The purpose of this database is to provide regular updates
and readily accessible information to officers and staff on the effects of the
recession in the UK economy.
The database draws together information sourced from members, activists,
workplace reps, officers in the field, the media and the research department’s
own online resources from July 2008 onwards on the following:
• Companies involved
• Sectors
• Locations
• Total numbers employed on site
• Unite/union membership on site
• Number of jobs lost
• Closure dates
• Any other measures being used: pay cuts, short time working, outsourcing
and off shoring of jobs etc.
• Other key dates: when redundancies are happening, consultation and
negotiation periods etc.
• Unite Officer covering site
• Order book information
As part of a separate project the West Midlands Region has been drawing
together local information under similar headings since the beginning of 2007.
Much of this information has been incorporated into the Research Department

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