Friday, 20 November 2009

APM Terminals investigates driver beating

APM Terminals has vowed to investigate allegations that a subcontractor ordered the beating of port drivers at JNPT.
Last week, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) demanded that APM Terminals dump sub-contractor SC Thakur because of allegations it was behind attacks on three members of the Transport and Dock Workers’ Union on 23 October.
In response, APM Terminals said: “We’re investigating this incident, which appears to have taken place outside the port with a subcontractor, Thakur.
“We have strict standards on the safety and the security of our employees, including those who are classified as contracted workers, working for vendors.”
APM Terminals investigates driver beating
The ITF said the victims had all made court depositions regarding the company’s failure to pay their provident fund contributions.
Reports about the attacks had been filed with the police, Thakur and Maersk subsidiary Gateway Terminals India.
The ITF added the workers had been attacked in the past.
“The situation first erupted in April 2007 when four drivers employed by contractor SC Thakur were abducted and severely beaten.
“When other union members went on strike in support of the hospitalised colleagues they were sacked. Following dialogue between Maersk and the ITF the workers were reinstated.”
It added: “The ITF has made it clear that it believes there can be no excuse after two years, for a multinational of Maersk’s size and reach not to have assured its workers, including subcontracted workers, basic rights and protection from violence.”

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