Friday, 11 December 2009

MSC UK gets AEO status

I hope that this next press release doesn't mean that we will get more misdeclared units. Something needs to be done to stop boxes coming to us with wrong weights on them before somebody gets hurt. Nobody wants another MSC Napoli or an IMV turning over because the front box has too much weigh in it. I am not pointing the finger at MSC but the whole industry.

MSC’s UK business has been approved by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).
Recognition under the EU scheme enables businesses to have their consignments fast-tracked through customs’ controls and if a consignment is selected for examination it will receive priority over non-AEOs.
AEO’s get a lower “risk score”, which will be incorporated into HRMC's risk management systems and used to determine the frequency of customs physical and documentary checks.
AEOs are also allowed to omit certain data elements from pre-arrival and pre-departure summary declarations.
A spokesperson for HMRC said: “The AEO scheme is the way forward for businesses involved in the international supply chain.
“It shows they are committed to raising their security and safety standards, which will be of benefit to themselves, their business partners and assists in the development of their long-term relationship with HMRC."
To achieve AEO status, businesses have to prove they are compliant, safe and secure and are subject to an audit run by customs.
AEO is recognised across the whole EU and it is hoped that mutual recognition of similar systems, across other third countries, will take place in the future.

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S Z Veracis said...

Good points here about Authorised Economic Operator Programme. They’ll always be people who take advantage of or deliberately break rules and trust… and systems that involve humans often break / lapse for many reasons. Is a truly secure method of import / export realy 100% possible.. maybe not but then do we expect it to be? Significantly reducing fraud / scams, etc in the movement of goods is the aim surely and the fear/penalty that it could be YOU getting caught next is a deterrent ???