Sunday, 9 May 2010

10/05/10 09:30 Zhen Hua 25

What a whopper! This incredible sight gave onlookers a lift off Sheppey yesterday.

The ship - the Zhen Hua 25 - was on its way to the Port of Felixstowe laden with four massive cranes.

But before reaching the UK's largest container terminal it stopped off to dock at Thamesport on the Isle of Grain.

One resident of the Leas, Minster, said it was "the weirdest thing I've ever seen".

She added: "It looked liked the wrought-iron framework of a pagoda and the boat was moving quite fast."

Former KM Group photographer, Barry Crayford - who snapped the ship - described it as "awesome".

The ship is owned by the Shanghai-based ZPMC company.

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