Thursday, 13 November 2008

Dover Port workers march & demonstrate to prevent their jobs being outsourced

Monday, 10th November 2008
LOCATION: Penchester Gardens, Dover CT16.
ROUTE: from Penchester Gardens to Harbour House
DATE: Saturday 15th November
TIME: 9.00am
Hundreds of Unite members working at the Dover Harbour Board will take part in a rally and demonstrate on Saturday 15th November and will also go out on a 48 hour strike next week to demand that their jobs not be outsourced.
Unite members voted overwhelmingly in favour (83.8%) to take strike action and will go out on a 48 hour walk out next week starting at 7am on Tuesday, 18th November. Unite does not take strike action lightly and is still prepared to negotiate over the best way of protecting its members’ jobs.
Unite, the UK’s largest trade union, is angry that the port’s Chief Executive has stated they are not prepared to negotiate on their plans to outsource work, but only inform the union of their proposals.
Jane Jeffery, Unite Regional Industrial Organiser, said:
“Our members have voted overwhelmingly in a ballot for industrial action to protect their employment with the Port of Dover. Our members are determined to protect their terms and conditions of employment, and most importantly pensions, which will undoubtedly be threatened by these outsourcing plans.
“Our members are angry that the company has done nothing to help resolve the situation and feel they have no choice but to take strike action to defend their livelihoods.”
Unite National Secretary for Docks and Waterways, Brendan Gold, who will be addressing the demonstration on Saturday said:
“Dover Port management have forgotten the huge contribution our members make to run the port efficiently. To outsource port security at a time when security is of vital importance is negligent in the extreme.
“Dover is a trust port which has a responsibility to its workforce and the local community. Clearly the port management have ignored this important fact in their relentless drive for profit.”
Join the rally and voice your support on Saturday 15th November from 9.00am and fight the ports plans to outsource these jobs.

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