Wednesday, 19 November 2008

EWS launches new Felixstowe-BIFT intermodal train

EWS has introduced a new intermodal rail freight service from the Port of Felixstowe (via Ipswich) to Birmingham Intermodal Freight Terminal (BIFT).
The train service, which is a direct response to customer demand, operates daily from Tuesday to Saturday.
The train is able to convey containers ranging in size from 20ft, 40ft through to 40' high cubes.
According to Clive Branford, marketing manager for BIFT owner-operator Roadways Containers Logistics, the new service enables customers to benefit from reduced costs as well as offering environmental advantages by transferring containers from road to rail.Corinne Lamoureux, field sales manager for EWS's intermodal rail freight business, said: "Despite the economic downturn, we are working hard at EWS to continue growing the volume of freight transported on the rail network in Britain."

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