Wednesday, 17 December 2008

CTASF Gain share payments.

I get lots of people asking about the gain share payments and are we (Tug drivers) getting it? To try answer the question I'll quote from the agreement.

Page 158. General rules. 3.3

Gain share is a retrospective payment based on actual savings delivered over the previous 12 months. It is not paid upfront based on projected saving which have not yet materialised.

So if we haven't made the savings we will not get it.

Page 159. Gain share types. 4.1

Additional change payments.
Lump sum payments to nominated sections who are making the greatest change and so contributing disproportionately to the overall savings.

The berth operators lost a big part of their division and will be entitled to the additional change payment.

Page 162. Detailed qualification rules. 6.1 b

They were employed in a qualifying area as defined in 2 above on the day prior to the start date of this agreement (i.e 9th March 2008).

If your job title is tug driver you will not get the additional change payment even if you work as a berth operative regularly.

Page 163. Payment. 7.1

Notwithstanding 3.3 above, the company will pay an up front sum of £1000 to all qualifying employees on acceptance of this agreement. This will be deducted from the gain share payment at the end of year 1. If the year 1 gain share is less than £1000, the overpayment will be deducted from the gain share in subsequent years.


The additional change payment for all qualifying employees will be £1000 per person per year of the gain share period. This payment will be made at the end of the year and will not be subject to any annual increase.

If we don't make the savings the shortfall will come off next years payment.

The CTASF document is available on the company intranet if you feel the need to read it or are suffering from insomnia. I have tried to give you the points that are raised most.

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