Monday, 8 December 2008

What are we worth. 31/12/2006


Last registered accounts: 12/31/2006*
Annual turnover: £204,583,000.00
Annual profit: £38,541,000.00
Turnover per employee: £72,779.44
Profit per employee: £13,710.78

* Data from this site is updated annually from official company reports, and any company reports issued since our last update will not be reflected until the next annual update. Take advice on the latest results before using this information.

Number of staff: 2,811
Total spent on wages: £92,081,000.00
Average staff pay: £32,757.38
*Average pay increase over last 4 years: 17.42%*

Number of directors: 39
Directors' remuneration: £365,000.00
Increase over last 7 years: -2.41%

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