Thursday, 12 February 2009

Idle boxships approach 10% of fleet;jsessionid=11B207D3DD4A1E8FB9B4CC3A060A4132

CLOSE to 10% of the world’s container vessels are currently unemployed as owners and operators take drastic steps to bring supply into line with shrinking cargo demand.

New Lloyd’s MIU figures updated today show that 427 boxships are idle, representing 9.1% of the number of vessels in the world fleet.

The data indicates that considerably more containerships are at anchor than previously thought, particularly among smaller units.

In capacity terms, the inactive fleet stands at 828,009 teu, equivalent to 6.8% of the total.

Of the 427 ships that are idle, 41 units with combined slots of almost 270,000 teu have a nominal intake in excess of 5,000 teu.

Another 71 in the 2,501 teu-4,999 teu bracket are at anchor, while 138 ships in the 1,001 teu-2,500 teu category are without work.

In the smallest sector of ships with less than 1,000 teu capacity, there are 177 inactive vessels.

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