Thursday, 26 February 2009

Official union website now online.

Latest news story...

The Company’s proposed changes to The Port of Felixstowe Pension Plan.

The Company is proposing changes to the Final Salary Pension Plan. The Plan had a deficit of £71.5m as at 1st January 2007. The Company have held meeting with the Plan’s Trustees and will be holding meetings with the Union. The consultation period ends on 9th March 2009.The proposed changes are:
Change to Member Contribution Rates
Change to Early Retirement Terms.
Introduction of Limit on Pensionable Salary.
Introduction of Contributions to the Hutchison Ports (UK) Group Personal Pension Plan. The Company is now holding presentations with Pension Plan Members. Members will be advised of the outcome and changes to be made to the Plan will be confirmed prior to 1st April 2009

I hope one day they will add a link to my page!


Felixstowe Radio said...

And we hope ypou'll link to now we have an FM broadcast licence, and also use the site to tell us what you want in the town

Paul Karwat said...

Can anyone provide contact details of the Port of Felixtowe pension scheme.