Friday, 24 April 2009

Unite fury at 'cavalier' sackings by Port of Yarmouth

Unite, the UK’s biggest union, has today (Friday) expressed its fury at the dismissal of five dockers from the Port of Yarmouth.
Unite is angry at a lack of meaningful consultation over the redundancies, and says it is a slap in the face for the union and its members who have been campaigning for decades to support a new outer harbour site.
Victor Brazkiewicz, Unite regional industrial organiser, said: “Instead of looking forward to the expansion of employment at the port, we now have the sacking of five dedicated workers.
“The company’s cavalier approach to the workforce is no way to repay loyal workers who have been heavily committed to promoting both the outer harbour and good industrial relations.
“Thanks to our efforts, along with local government, EEDA and members of parliament, millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is now being put towards this development.
“It is a tragedy that now some of our members face unemployment, little prospect of other work and only basic redundancy pay to keep them and their families during these hard times.”
On Friday 24th April, Unite and the company will engage in further discussions on the working arrangements for the remainder of the dockers, which will also involve the services of ACAS.

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