Thursday, 13 August 2009

Peel Ports cuts more staff

Peel Ports has confirmed it has placed an extra 15 workers at Marine Terminals (MTL) in Dublin and six workers its Victoria Terminal 3 at the port of Belfast on notice of redundancy.
A spokesman for the Peel Ports said: “On 28 July 15 staff at Dublin were placed on notice that their positions were at risk of redundancy.
“Six staff at Belfast, from a total workforce of 47, have been placed in the same position and individual consultations are due to begin today (13 August).”
MTL has so far made 19 members of the 81-strong workforce redundant, with five of those being voluntary.
Peel Ports had brought in staff from the Belfast terminal to work at Dublin to cover for MTL workers who are on strike because of disagreements with Peel Ports over the redundancies and new pay levels and working conditions.
The spokesman said further talks with MTL workers are scheduled for 17 August.
Victoria Terminal 3 at the Port of Belfast handles nearly 200,000 units and lists among its customers Express Line, Samskip, CMA CGM, Coastal Container Line and BG Freight Line.

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Anonymous said...

regarding the forced redundancies at vt3, the company told the union reps that five workers were to face redundancy.the union in return asked for an enhanced package to attract man came forward.the company now say that all six are to be made redundant