Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ports advised to carry out tests on Morris cranes

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recommended ports carry out tests on cranes built by the same manufacturer as the one that collapsed in Southampton.
The HSE said it was concerned about dockside cranes that have a tubular collared or sleeved backstay, particularly where final assembly has taken place on site and welding has taken place in wet weather or allows water ingress.
It also said: "The particular Morris Crane involved in the incident was installed in 1993, and although there are few if any identical designs in the UK, there may be others worldwide.
"As a precautionary measure it may be advisable for users of any Morris dockside crane to have the backstays non-destructive testing tested for reassurance."
On 13 July, the boom of crane 6 collapsed at DP World Southampton container terminal while it was loading the 6,500teu NYK Themis, seriously injuring the crane’s driver.
DP World Southampton MD Campbell Mason has announced he is leaving the job.
On 8 July, Mason told staff he was leaving as he wanted to return to his native Australia when his assignment concludes at the end of this year.


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