Saturday, 30 January 2010

MTL Dublin. Strike back on.

Not sure if you're aware yet but Peel Ports have now refused to accept
the rulings made by the Labour Court and the arbitrator. Looks like
the strike is back on now. Appreciate if you could spread the word.
Please see the site for more info.

Unionised labour in Ireland was born on Dublin Docks 100 years ago.
It is now likely that unionised labour will die on Dublin Docks.

The strike lasted 111 days and since it ended over 14 weeks have passed without a single worker getting their job back.
The "negotiation process" was deliberately prolonged by the company allowing them to proceed with their Christmas trade unhindered by picketing and the arbitration procedure was unacceptably protracted.
This ruling can in no way be seen as a victory for the dockers and is in no way comprehensive in addressing the issues which led to strike action.
Even acknowledging the weakness of the ruling their is still no indication from company management whether they will accept the arbitrators ruling or when anybody will return to work.

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