Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"A" Shift senior shop steward elections.

I'd like to thank you people that read the blog. I do it in my spare time and at my own expense to help keep my workmates informed of any issues I think might be of interest. Now I'd like to ask you for something in exchange!

Sometime after March 20th there will be an election for the post of Senior Shop Steward working with "A" shift. I will be standing and would like your votes. So here's a little bit about me and why I want the postion.

About me.

My name is Andy Hussey. I have worked for the Port of Felixstowe for over five years. I started in warehousing and am now employed as a tug driver on Trinity. Previously I worked in light haulage and tried my hand at pub management.
I have a large family of six children, four of my own and two step kids. My hobbies include my allotment, scootering, photography, tattoos (getting them and going to conventions), and walking my Border terrier.

Why did I apply for the position of workforce rep, and why am I standing as senior shop steward?

In the past I felt that the union was missing a link between them and the people that mattered. I feel passionately about keeping my work mates informed about union and health & safety matters. After getting the position of workforce rep I started a blog site www.pofunite.blogspot.com I use this as another tool for keeping port employees informed.

What do I plan to bring to the role of shop steward?

I aim to have a good working relationship with both management and workforce. I will continue to keep all divisions up to date on union and Health & safety matters through visiting the mess room and keeping the blog up to date.

I will carry on being honest and open, if I can’t answer your questions straight away I will do my best to get back to you.

I intend to bring the union at the Port of Felixstowe into the 21st century with the aid of my blogsite and email contact with the workforce.

Bringing the union at the Port of Felixstowe into the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

trouble is andy, you do to much for C shift and we would'nt have anybody to replace you.

Anonymous said...

as my last comment said we will miss you.
you will still get my vote
regards (le mac)

C Shift Tug rep said...

I have to get the job first! Please vote for me.