Sunday, 29 March 2009

Unite for Jobs: Union and business join forces to push for road map out of recession

This Tuesday (March 31st) will see the launch of Unite for Jobs, a major drive to secure urgent and strategic assistance for UK manufacturing and a clear plan for defending and creating jobs. The move comes amid mounting concern that government action so far is insufficient to avert chronic and lasting damage to UK manufacturing.
The campaign, led by Unite, will mark the beginning of a sustained initiative, bringing together leading figures in business, politics and academia with the country's biggest union to press the case for a jobs strategy with manufacturing placed firmly at the heart of a national programme to propel the UK out of recession.
Unite for Jobs will be launched at a press conference,10am, Tuesday, March 31st at Unite's King Street offices by an expert panel consisting of
Tony Woodley, joint general secretary, Unite
Derek Simpson, joint general secretary, Unite
Lord Jones of Birmingham, (Digby Jones), former trade minister and ex-CBI chief
Paul Everitt, CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers (invited)
Professor David Bailey, Director of Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham

At the press conference, the speakers will set out their ideas for action to preserve jobs, and in particular to restore the UK's manufacturing sector to the heart of the economy.
The press conference will also see the announcement of a major initiative to mobilise the public for action on jobs.
According to Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite: "The Government acted boldly when it came to rescuing those banks brought to their knees by greed and misdeeds of a few. Working people desperately need to see more of the same spirit when it comes to helping them keep their jobs.
"Every effort must be made to keep the lights on in factories and homes across the country. Government must now grasp the hand of expert help being offered so we work together to take the right road out of recession."
Derek Simpson, Unite joint general secretary added: "Daily, workers are paying the price for this recession with their jobs. Whether it is manufacturing, construction, finance or retail, the job losses are mounting up.
"This is the time to invest in support for existing jobs and to be clear on the strategy for creating new ones. We cannot allow this recession to destroy our skills base and our communities, and we must set out the vision for future success so that employers and workers can have confidence that the dark days of the recession will soon come to an end."

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