Friday, 29 May 2009

No second chance

Hello Andy,
I'd worked for Balfour Beatty for 30 years.
And then they laid me off.
It all started to go wrong when Scottish Power decided to cut their maintenance contract with my company. It was like the management seized the opportunity to cut jobs - especially those of union members.
If the worst came to the worst, I always thought that they'd look for voluntary redundancies or to re-allocate workers - even offer early retirement first.
But no - they went straight for compulsory redundancies. No second chances. No hope.
It was difficult to comprehend quite what was going on - and you have no idea how painful redundancy is until you've lived through it.
But this doesn't need to happen to you. The Unite for Jobs campaign is calling for more support to keep people like me in work through this downturn. I've already used the Unite website to write to my MP, Douglas Alexander, asking him to support Unite's campaign. The Unite website makes it easy to do - just click here:
We need the real help that can keep people like me in work. After all, I was the most experienced in my team - with 45 years in the industry. But they still sacked me - and four of my colleagues, from a team of six. You'd have thought after so many years of work that they could have waited a few months for a new contract - and kept my skills.
After all, I've got the perfect CV for work in the renewable energy sector - the jobs we'll need to build a green economy. But my employer chose to simply throw these skills away. We need real change to how we do business over here - and that is why I'm whole-heartedly supporting the Unite for Jobs campaign.
When job losses are announced on the news it's easy to forget that there are people behind those numbers. I'll never forget the day that one of the numbers on the telly was me - that's why I'm writing to ask for your help in making the system fairer.
It's not hard to write to your MP - but it will make a real difference. Please click here:
It only took me a few minutes to send my letter. There are already 122 MPs signed up to support our campaign. Will your local MP be our 123rd supporter?
Thank you for reading my story - and I hope you take part in this part of the campaign.
Best wishes,
AlanUnite member from Scotland

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