Thursday, 7 May 2009

This week, the Government began to show what can happen when the right choices are made. By extending a helping hand to LDV, the Government has given this manufacturer, and these workers, a chance of a working future.But LDV is by no means safe yet - as with thousands of manufacturing jobs across the country, we need sizeable and strategic action to protect the jobs and talents of our country's workers.That's what we're marching for in Birmingham - and it'd be great for you to join us. We've laid on free transport from across the country, there will be music and entertainment for the kids - all you need to do is sign up here:
You'll be joined by thousands of workers from across the country - a real demonstration of the desire for change across Britain. I know that these are difficult times, but our best chance of winning the support we need is to stand together.
And while I know that hundreds of thousands of people across the country support our march, not all of you will be able to join us.
If you can't make it to Birmingham - why not leave a message of solidarity with those who will be Marching for Jobs?
Derek and I will be reading through your messages - and we've both agreed to read out the best message to the crowd in Birmingham. So if you can't be there in person, you can still join us in spirit.
Your support is crucial because this campaign is about fairness for each and every one of us.We asked people to work hard. They worked hard. We asked people to train, retrain, and train some more. They've taken education levels to record highs. We asked them to save and buy their own homes. We became a nation of homeowners. We asked people to obey the rules and look after their community as well as themselves. We asked people to trust the system.And the result?Unemployment is up, repossessions are up, poverty and human misery will sadly follow. The people who have done nothing wrong feel the full force of the downturn, while those who caused the pain remain largely unaffected. Our economy is not in recession because of a lack of talent, ingenuity or hard work from the British people. Our economy is in recession because of the greed and irresponsibility of a few.In Birmingham we'll be taking a stand for all of these reasons and more - we need you to be there. Please join us.
Best wishes,
Tony Woodley

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