Wednesday, 29 July 2009

MTL Dublin

This is a comment from an earlier post I put up that I would like to bring to your attention.

Peel Ports Marine Terminals Limited today issued letters to all staff on the picket that they were now at risk of being made redundant! When will this end, please show your support for your fellow dockers, you could be next!

And this from the MTL site.

Just to make everyone aware of the situation today,Tuesday the 28th of July 2009. The company issued letters to all the people on the picket telling them that they were "at risk of redundancy". This would wipe out everyone who did not sign up to the company's new terms and conditions. This goes to show you how much regard the company have for the men and women who helped make it what it was.
Please show your support for the workers and let Peel Ports Marine Terminals Limited know that we will not stand for this! Please tell everyone you know of our plight down here in Dublin Port and ask them to support us too.
We cannot let this company get away with what they are doing. It will set the precedent for other companies to do the same and they in turn will ruin more Irish lives and send their profits out of the country!

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Anonymous said...

thanks to the dockers from port of felixstowe its much appreciated by all of us on the picket line. We need your support at this time, we are all just real people with families to support with money running out at this time and we plead with everyone to give us as much support as you can

mtl docker