Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Southampton revives Dibden Bay project

The port of Southampton has revived plans to develop its Dibden Bay facility, which was rejected by the UK government in 2004 following a protracted public debate.
Port owner Associated British Ports (ABP) yesterday launched a public consultation process on its 20-year master plan for the port, which identifies Dibden as the last remaining greenfield site where significant extra port capacity can be created.
Port director Doug Morrison said: “Southampton’s master plan is a voluntary process by ABP and the consultation is in line with the Department for Transport’s guidance for the UK’s major ports’ development.
“The pre-consultation began in June and the public consultation begins today and will continue until 13 November 2009.
“We will collate all of the comments received during the consultation and where appropriate we will incorporate them into the master plan with the intention of publishing it by the end of 2009.
“The important thing to remember is that the master plan is not a planning application.”


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