Saturday, 11 July 2009

Nothing ‘casual’ about this march at Port of Yarmouth

Over 100 dockworkers from across the country held a march and rally yesterday (9th July) in support of the dockers at Great Yarmouth who face redundancy.
Dockers from Hull, Grimsby, Immingham, Dover, Tilbury, Thames port, Felixstowe and Southampton joined the dockers from Great Yarmouth to fight the use of casual labour at the port.
Brendan Gold, Unite national secretary for docks and waterways, said: “This rally demonstrates that dock workers from across the UK will stand together to fight employers who plan to make dockers redundant and replace them with casual labour.
“UK port employers have been put on notice that Unite will not allow employers to use the current economic downturn as an excuse to cut jobs and change working practices.”
Mike Gibbons, Unite executive member, added: “We are increasingly seeing more employers taking on casual labour. This practice was supposed to have been abolished when the Labour dock scheme was introduced 20 years ago. There can be no return to casualisation.
“Dock workers will campaign across Europe and internationally to stop the hideous practice of casualisation.”

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