Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Great Yarmouth, Dublin where next?

MTL management, while attending the Labour Relations Commission, continueforced redundancies & legal proceedings against strikers & their union officials.
While negotiations at the Labour Relations Commission between the company, Marine Terminals Ltd and SIPTU are ongoing, the Company have, again, decided to continue with its plans to annihilate the workforce. On Thursday 10th September MTL went through with its 3rd group of forced redundancies, surprise, surprise.
(Group 1=13 workers terminated)
(Group 2= 9 workers terminated)
(Group 3= 8 workers terminated)
There are now only 6 workers on strike who have not had their employment terminated by the Peel Ports group, not including the scabs who continue on one hand to make light of what they have done and on the other lie, blatantly, to the Irish courts about non-existent harassment and intimidation by the strikers.
A scab is not above lying!
How much longer can we stand by and witness the destruction of Irish jobs and law abiding men & women being brought before the courts by a company worth billions?
Individuals & their families are suffering at the hands of heartless management and corporate greed.
MTL claims that they are losing €2million this year, this is misleading as the truth in fact is that MTL’s PROFITS are down €2million this year – they still stand to make many millions of euro in profit this year.
Their attendance at the Irish Labour Relations Commission is a now a bare-faced PR stunt.


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