Monday, 7 September 2009

Support For Striking Dublin Port Workers Grows

The strike at Marine Terminals Ltd in Dublin Port is now in its 9th week.
The support for the striking workers has been tremendous, both locally and internationally.
The numbers on the protest marches continue to increase.The entire Trade Union movement in Ireland now backs the official strike action.
Messages of support have come from all over the world and European Docker's are soon to strike in solidarity.
MTL freight traffic has dropped by over 30%, having relocated to other companies within Dublin Port.
MTL are feeling the pressure and have finally agreed to engage with the Labour Relations Commission.
Time will tell if this is a sincere attempt at real negotiation or another PR stunt.
The Dublin Port Company have consistently refused to intervene in this dispute with a view to taking MTL & Peel Ports to task and answer for their deplorable behaviour in its treatment of its employees.
However, Dublin Port Company were quick to act when they applied for and were granted a High Court Injunction against 2 respected local pensioners who took part in a "floating picket" on the river Liffey.
Meanwhile, Marine Terminals have been granted another High Court Injunction, this more bizarre as it is designed to prevent strikers from referring to scabs as scabs. It seems you can ask the courts for anything when you are a billionaire.

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