Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's not often that I actually write anything on this blog, normally I try to bring you news that relates to our industry.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience a little bit of what life is like for a stevedore. I wasn't surprised to find out that you could count on one hand the ammount of our managers that have actually got their hands dirty and tried it. I'm sure that if they were to get out of the executive mini bus that they travel round the quay in with visiting managers from other ports and businesses and had a look at the conditions these guys have to work in they'd have a very different opinion on manning levels in that department.
Come on Mr Gledhill, I've got a spare pair of overalls in my locker you wouldn't even have to go to the expense of signing off another pair.
I'd just like to add that the company seems to think that these guys have a lot of downtime, if I was doing that job I'd need to have a bit of a rest too.
Now show me to me tug, it looks so much more comfortable already!


Basin Digger said...

Well said Andy - if Mr Huck and his puppets had actually tried to do this job rather than study bar / flow charts then this section could work a damn sight more efficiently. After spending a fortune on " the pool " and amalgamating the Mooreres with the Stevedores this section is still not run properly. Maybe they could create yet another manager to take charge.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I just found this. At last some truth is spoken. I agree with the first comment wholeheartedly too...