Thursday, 22 October 2009

DP World Southampton announces new Managing Director

In line with its succession planning, global marine terminal operator DP World today announced the appointment of Chris Lewis as Managing Director for DP World Southampton with effect from February 2010. Mr Lewis was the former CEO of Hutchison Ports in the United Kingdom with overall responsibility for their port activities and developments in and outside the gates. He has been involved in the ports and shipping industry for over 25 years.Flemming Dalgaard, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director for Europe & Russia announced, “Chris will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in UK port infrastructure and development as well as an excellent network in the UK maritime industry. We are sure that Southampton will benefit from the synergies that Chris will bring to therole.”Campbell Mason, the current Managing Director for DP World Southampton will return home to Australia upon completing his assignment. He was personally thanked by Mr Dalgaard for his continued commitment and hard work during his time at DP World Southampton.


Anonymous said...

Retired - how much more bullshit can we really take ???.
It seems like the quay is full to the brim again !!!

Youmakemelaff said...

It is the bigger picture that we should be worried about.
This is the biggest threat to our jobs and the Ports future that we have ever faced.

C Shift Tug rep said...

With all the information Mr Lewis will be taking with him I'm sure HPH will be a little bit unhappy.

Passing Wind said...

I'm sure many ars*s started to nip up when our big wigs heard this, The POF seems to be keeping rather schtum at the moment probably reeling from the embarrassment of it all. Should be interesting to see who and what he poaches, not that we've got much to loose up top anyway.