Friday, 23 October 2009

Dublin terminal dispute resolved

As I reported via the MTL Dockers site, Heres Lloyds report on it.

THE 15-week dockers’ dispute at Marine Terminals in Dublin has ended following the company’s decision to accept a Labour Court recommendation on jobs and redundancies.
Workers at the Peel Ports subsidiary, which is the largest container terminal in Ireland, will now get a pay-off package of six weeks wages per year of service, including statutory entitlements.
Issues surrounding the terms and conditions of those who remain with the company are still to be determined.
The Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union, which represents the employees, has welcomed the move.;jsessionid=B2E056392798C72EF26D327BA1E1985C.5d25bd3d240cca6cbbee6afc8c3b5655190f397f

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