Friday, 16 October 2009

DPWS to upgrade quay cranes

DP World Southampton (DPWS) is close to ordering new super-post panamax cranes after it announced plans to decommission three older cranes, which were suspended following the collapse of a sister crane.
The terminal operator said it had commenced discussions with suppliers with a view to ordering additional super post-panamax cranes, which would operate alongside the other cranes of that class that were commissioned in 2008 and 2009.
Campbell Mason, DPWS MD, said: “While our presently operating crane fleet has more than adequate capacity to handle current levels of demand, we will continue to invest in super post-panamax cranes to ensure that our handling capacity stays ahead of the anticipated growth in container volumes and that our operational capability expands to meet the increasing requirements of shipping lines.
“In parallel with the industry trend toward ever-larger vessels, we must continue to invest in the equipment required to meet our customers’ growing needs.”
DPWS said as part of this upgrade, it would also decommission the three older cranes that were suspended from operation after the boom collapse accident in July this year.;jsessionid=3AEC2BCBF2A0978F44477FE842B2CF4E.5fa4e8cc80be35e2653c9f87d8b8be45bf6ba69a

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