Thursday, 22 October 2009

Victory for the Dublin dockers, strike over after 111 Days. Well done.

Marine Terminals management have accepted the Labour Courts Recommendation and have entered into negotiation with the Labour Relations Commission and SIPTU.
This Strike is now at an end!
Thanks from every striking Dublin Dockworker to each and every one of our supporters, your solidarity will never be forgotten.
After 111 days the strike has ended. Late Yesterday evening MTL accepted the Labour Court recommendation although as per the recommendation there are still matters to be resolved , in negotiation or through binding arbitration.This represents a major victory for the workers, who's dedication and commitment during this long and difficult dispute was inspiring, and they have set a powerful example for other workers.
Considering the attitude of MTL/Peel Ports, their anti union reputation and history ,plus the almost unlimited resources at their disposal it is all the more significant that they have backed down.
The campaign by supporters was crucial to this successful outcome. This support came from the local communities Eastwall - Irishtown & Ringsend , political groups , other workers and trade unionists.
The role played by the ITF was a major factor in bringing about this successful outcome , which includes the international solidarity, from across Europe, Australia and also the U.S.
The workers have asked that their sincere graditude be expressed to everybody for their support , and that they know they "COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!".
Further updates will be issued as they become available, keep checking the website, and messages of support.
Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

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